Oil & Gas Symposium

Chief Sheppard Seeks Analysis of Latest Oil & Gas Recovery Technologies

Qalipu First Nation Chief, Brendan Sheppard, is taking a hands-on approach in his investigation of oil and gas extraction technologies that could potentially be utilized in Western Newfoundland. Recently at the 8th International Symposium on Oil and Gas Resources in Western Newfoundland, hosted by the Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade, Chief Sheppard met with many key industry stakeholders and attended the various presentations throughout the event. The symposium saw in excess of 20 presentations from industry experts who spoke on a wide range of topics in relation to oil and gas recovery and how new technologies are constantly emerging to provide for efficiencies and environmental safeguarding. "We were certainly presented with lots of useful and interesting explanations on shale gas recovery and tight oil production technology, but I found the presentation on the hydraulic fracturing of natural gas in St. John, NB and the presentations on the Green Point Shale of particular interest, as they shed light on best practices that need to be implemented in Western Newfoundland", Sheppard Noted.

As a follow up to the Oil and Gas symposium, Chief Sheppard contracted Thomas Murphy from Penn State’s Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research to provide an independent overview of hydraulic fracturing and what we might expect from an emerging industry on the West Coast. Mr. Murphy provided council and staff with a technical briefing on the technologies of hydraulic fracturing, risk mitigation planning and a summary of how the state of Pennsylvania balanced the needs of industry with environmental stewardship. Chief Sheppard added, "We will remain proactive in our approach to learning as much as we can about the industry and relay this information to our members in order to make informed decisions"